New polished hydrophobic wall covering

NEW WALL COVERING WITH A SMOOTHER SURFACE AND GREATER THICKNESS GIVES THE PRODUCT BETTER MECHANICAL RESISTANCE (NEW MODEL SP. 4 CM) The range of polished wall coverings is completed with the series of special elements. Installation is recommended with the use of adhesives for external use and, after thorough washing, apply a coat of water-repellent protective (such as lAS of MADRAS) to avoid the formation of mould and any salt efflorescence.

Coprimuro levigato
Cod.Dim. Est.Dim. Int.Lungh.Spessore
ECL 1022 cm11.5 cm25 cm4 cm
ECL 1527 cm16.5 cm25 cm4 cm
ECL 2032 cm21.5 cm25 cm4 cm
ECL 2537 cm26.5 cm25 cm4 cm
ECL 3042 cm31.0 cm25 cm4 cm
Capitesta levigato
Cod.Dim. Est.Dim. Int.Lungh.
ECLC 1022 cm11.5 cm19 cm
ECLC 1527 cm16.5 cm19 cm
ECLC 2031 cm21.5 cm19 cm
ECLC 2537 cm26.5 cm19 cm
ECLC 3042 cm31.0 cm19 cm
Angolo levigato idrofugato
Cod.Dim. Est.Dim. Int.Lungh.
ECLA 1024.0 cm11.5 cm25 cm
ECLA 1537.5 cm16.5 cm25 cm
ECLA 2040.0 cm21.5 cm25 cm
ECLA 2540.0 cm26.5 cm25 cm
ECLA 3044.0 cm31.0 cm25 cm