From the innovative engineering stone LINE TARASTONE, made with selected raw materials from quarries in Puglia (ITALY), such as the stone of Trani, the stone of Ostuni and The Salento stone, the company realizes the SLIM80. It’s the new line of smooth wall covering. The line represents a natural evolution of products for new buildings and becomes essential in building renovations where the reduced weight of the items plays a fundamental role for the work to be carried out. The smooth wall covering SLIM80 is winning for the following reasons, it’s: THIN, LIGHT, HYDROFUGATE and HANDLE, with its 80 cm of length

"SLIM80" idrofugato
Cod.Dim. Est.Dim. Int.Lungh.SpessorePeso x MLPeso x Pz
SLIM 1015 cm11.5 cm80 cm3 cm-7,5 Kg
SLIM 1520 cm16.5 cm80 cm3 cm-9,8 Kg
SLIM 2025 cm21.5 cm80 cm3 cm-12,5 Kg
SLIM 2531,5 cm26.5 cm80 cm3 cm-14,5 Kg
SLIM 3036,5 cm31.5 cm80 cm3 cm-17,5 Kg
"SLIM80 Angolo" idrofugato
Cod.Dim. Est.Dim. Int.Lungh.SpessorePeso per MlPeso x Pz
SLIMA 10-11.5 cm40 cm--7,5 Kg
SLIMA 15-16.5 cm40 cm--9,5 Kg
SLIMA 20-21.5 cm40 cm--12,5 Kg
SLIMA 25-26.5 cm40 cm--14,5 Kg
SLIMA 30-31.5 cm40 cm--17,5 Kg
"SLIM80 Capitesta" idrofugato
Cod.Dim. Est.Dim. Int.Lungh.SpessorePeso x MlPeso x Pz
SLIMC 1015 cm11.5 cm35 cm--4 Kg
SLIMC 1520 cm16.5 cm35 cm--5 Kg
SLIMC 2025 cm21.5 cm35 cm--6 Kg
SLIMC 2531,5 cm26.5 cm35 cm--7 Kg
SLIMC 3036,5 cm31.5 cm35 cm--8 Kg