Coatings, bullnose tiles and frames

POLISHED SAND cladding represents a cutting-edge system for the cladding of each building. Ideal for both new buildings and to restore old buildings, it offers significant advantages: the reduced thickness (only about 1.5 cm) allows both aesthetic and volumetric architectural constraints to be respected as well as permitting easy and quick installation. Its main characteristic makes it ideal for renovations, as it minimises the increase in the volume of buildings, excluding any type of intervention on doorsteps and windowsills. On new creations: ease of application, and speed of execution, reduction of labour costs. A definitive solution of all the problems caused by the deterioration of plasterwork and whitewashing, it ensures long life and no maintenance; the presence of the WATER-REPELLENT in fact preserves the underlying masonry from absorption and therefore from the formation of mould.

Rivestimento sabbia levigata
Cod.DimensionePz x mq.
SC1818 x 50 cm11
SC2525 x 50 cm8
Tornello sabbia levigata
Cod.DimensionePz x ml.
SCT44,5 x 50 cm2
Cornice sabbia levigata
Cod.DimensionePz x ml.
SCC 1414 x 50 cm2